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CLS is primarily a three-fold service-oriented company. We are a construction and facility maintenance focused labour service provider equipped with the trained manpower to execute the construction needs of civil works projects from unskilled to technical labour input. We also provide consultation services in construction project estimation, redesigning and renovations. In addition, we train the local citizenry from novices in construction to expert civil workers by extension. Furthermore, we develop human capital within and for the construction industry through the construction focused training programs we organize.

What We Do
Construction Industry

Within the construction space, we boast of a well-trained labour force adept at meeting the construction requirement cutting across, residential, infrastructural and industrial works. Our labour force covers the full spectrum of skill level labour requirements of construction works. Consequently, we more than able to efficiently and effectively to handle the following:
Electrical works
Site management
Painting and interior decoration
Land surveying
Heavy equipment operation
Roofing and tiling
Iron works
Welding and pipefitting
Construction management

What We Do
Facility Management

We are committed to the highest standards of space and infrastructure management. We strive to be a leader in the provision of labour services across the following facility management sectors:
Building Maintenance
Security Services
Cleaning Services
Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
Hospitality Management
Operations & Maintenance
Project Management
Real Estate
Property Management
Vegetation & Landscape Management

How We Do It
Training The Local Citizenry

Assessment of industry skill set deficiency
The foundation of our skills acquisition training programs lies in a thorough assessment of the construction industry in view of highly demanded skill sets. Our assessment is two-fold: local and global. We assess the local construction industry in context of the global industry to ascertain skill and output gaps. The skill gaps delineate where the skill set deficiency is. The output gap helps us to discern where the skill upgrade is required. The findings from our assessment form the basis upon which we decide what kind of training program(s) is to be executed.
Establishment of training objectives
At CLS, we understand that the trainings we execute must be geared towards a desired outcome otherwise we would be unable to measure our impact. After we assess the skill set deficiency, we establish what our objectives for the training are, and how we can measure their attainment.
Collaboration with training service providers
We have a network of construction experts across the fields within the industry that, together, have a diverse set of skills, have wealth of experience in the construction industry and are apt to teach. These experts form our pool of trainers who execute our skills acquisition training using global standard construction training model(s), course structure, current instruction materials amongst others.
Measuring the impact
Post all our trainings, we ensure that all possible outcomes are measured in order to ascertain impact.
Absorption of trainees
Been a Coporate Labour Service provider, we absorb the successful trainees into our labour force, harnessing the skills acquired to better aid us in the execution of our services to our clients.

From your problem
To real solution

Our perfectly laid out core values have been the motivation and force behind our growing popularity and clientele.


We steadfastly apply effort until the desired result is attained. This, for us, is diligence


Whilst our growth consciousness is not one of our heralded values, it is the foundation upon which our other values rest.


At CLS, we believe that innovation is discovered where impossibility is not recognized.
Corporate Labour Services (CLS)Headquarters
12, Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja
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Corporate Labour Services (CLS)Headquarters
12, Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja
LOOK US UPCLS Social links

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